Ashlee Dyer

Astronomy and Astrophysics Student at University of Toronto

About Me

Currently attending University of Toronto as a graduate student, I formerly was an undergrad at McGill and went to CEGEP at Marinapolis College in Montreal.

Radio astronomy is my specialty and I focus specifically on the study of celestial objects by means of the natural radio waves they emit. This helps us understand our solar system, our own galaxy, including quasars and cosmology. These signals have the ability to be received from the most distant parts of the Universe. I also deal with star formation, the energy sources of pulsars, quasars and radio galaxies, and the evolution of the Universe.

About Our Laboratory

Life's age old question of where we came from cannot be answered without the help of the stars. With the help of terrestrial laboratories, we are able to see further than ever before. We've designed highly sensitive receivers and computer software for telescope control and image analysis and these techniques are widely applicable outside of astronomy as well. From a research point of view, radio astronomy is a core and fundamental science to understanding life's age old question on life and the cosmos.


Interested in radio cosmology and astrophysics? Email us, we may have a position for you to help us understand our universe. See some our amazing students that work in our lab: Stacey Morley, Agatha Pace, Heather Adam, Kian Finnegan.


SETI - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration